Benefits of trimming hair at shanil coiffure

As mentioned, regular trims are crucial for getting longer hair. Maintaining regular trims will allow for stronger strands, When your hair breaks less, it will keep its length and eventually start to grow. 

One of the biggest barriers to growing long hair is split ends and damage. When you wait too long between trims, hair is left with more split ends, so more length needs to be cut off at your next appointment, making your long hair goals harder to reach. “By eliminating damaged or dead ends, it also helps your hair look better and thicker.”

How Often Should I Trim My Hair?

Ideally, a healthy trim cycle is recommended every six weeks. However, hitting the salon that frequently isn’t always realistic. “If you want to maintain the length of your hair, you should aim to get a trim about every two months . If you want to grow your hair out, wait five or six months in between trims.” But if you start seeing damage before the five-month mark, see your stylist ASAP. 

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